tree removal atlanta ga

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We offer Emergency tree removal in the Rex, Atlanta & Stockbridge, GA areas!

No matter how small or large a tree may be, there will probably come a time when it needs to be removed. In Atlanta, tree removal is common simply because of the abundance of trees here in the area.

How can you tell if/when a tree needs to be removed? Well, there are three big things to take into account when considering the removal of a tree:

  • The tree has seen storm/structural damage
  • The tree is dying due to disease or old age
  • The tree is threatening power lines or buildings

There are a few other reasons why a tree might need to be removed, but there's only "one source" for exceptional tree removal services in Atlanta. One Source Tree Service can get rid of any diseased or damaged trees with limited impact on your landscape.

It depends on the size of the tree, but typically we can complete a project in two to three hours. One Source Tree Service also offers beautification services to make sure the area around the removal remains appealing. This is done through stump removal and grading & sodding of the lawn.

If you need emergency tree removal in Atlanta, GA, call One Source Tree Service right away at (404) 549-8542 and have the stress removed from your life.

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